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Restaurante Hotel Aigua Blava



Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)

Dirección: Playa de Fornells s/n, 17255 Begur, Girona, España

Teléfono: +34 972 62 20 58


Lunes: Abierto 24 horas

Martes: Abierto 24 horas

Miércoles: Abierto 24 horas

Jueves: Abierto 24 horas

Viernes: Abierto 24 horas

Sábado: Abierto 24 horas

Domingo: Abierto 24 horas


Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)Hotel Aigua Blava (Begur)


5 sobre 5 Un lugar encantador en un entorno espectacular y llevado por un equipo admirable. El gusto por el detalle y el compromiso por llevar el proyecto profesional a la excelencia es incuestionable. ¡Enhorabuena a todos! Por Daniel Artigas

5 sobre 5 Solo lo visitamos, el hotel es espectacular Por jesus serrano

5 sobre 5 Excelente,de 10 en todos los aspectos. Comida,servicio,calidad infraestructuras y trato excelente. Por Alex Quesada

5 sobre 5 Sitio incomparable. Recomiendo a todo aquel que visite Begur. 🏖️🥘🥗 Por Manuel Martinez

4 sobre 5 Vistas envidiables. La ubicación invita a estar sentado y no hacer nada más. Instalaciones renovadas y muy agradable el personal. El trato exquisito. Barato no es pero merece la pena pasar unos días y disfrutar de la zona y la piscina. Por la cocina nos une

1 sobre 5 DONT THINK OF DOING UR WEDDING THERE Worst experience ever... Staff in this hotel is a big joke! We visited the hotel 16 days ago , experience was nice and we asked for a quote for our wedding in october. Liliana , in charge of the weddings, first told us she will get back to us last monday , we are still waiting for it. We asked for a chat with the director , but no chance , he has no time for us , we called 5 times , he must be a very busy director ( not here on week end and on monday 11am lol) We had reserve a villa for october and the photograph that we have to canceled now because i can t imagine how long it will be. Thank U again Hotel Aigua Blava for this , we will never forget how u treat us. Answer to host comment - No she did not do an outstanding job... we are still waiting for 15 days for a reply to our mails or phone calls... no misunderstanding just pure unprofesional work and typical spanish lazyness. We are very happy NOT TO DO our wedding at our place. For ur info, we were just waiting for a quote for our meals at ur hotel, nothing less nothing more. She lost her time maybe thinking step 2 or step 3 before acheiving step 1. If u still don t recognize ur errors, u are just lost in ur bad managment. We are clients remember it, we are not here to lie and make problems. Just make u undertsand that u are non professional. I will be very happy to share screenshot of liliana's mail if u still think she does a amazing job LOL Mail where she says she ll ger back to us on last monday 11th of May 2nd mail 14th of May after calling everyday , receives on tuesday saying we ll have a quote last week but nothing as well... OUTSTANDING JOB u were saying? Let me laugh very loud on this sentence 😂 OS COTIZAREMOS EL MENU ESTA SEMANA , it very simple to understand: WE WILL MAKE A QUOTE FOR UR MENU THIS WEEK . What Job is ur employee paid for? Lying and make our client loose time and money visiting ur hotel ? U should change ur management or stop making Weddings I posted this review on Monday 20th of May and get the answer only today, 5 days later. Please note, that our first visit was 6th of May. So if you want to get fast answer and professional treatment its not about Aigua Blava *)) Por Olga Bcnexperts

3 sobre 5 Absolutely beautiful location, friendly staff and a beautiful property, however, for the price I would have expected at least wine glasses in my room and more than a dorm style mini fridge on the floor. The pictures showed very modern rooms and our room has black carpet and has likely never been renovated. Would look to stay somewhere else next time. I feel the website inaccurately depicted the accommodations. The first pictures are what is advertised on the website, the last 5 are of our room!?! Otherwise this is a perfect location! Por k c

5 sobre 5 Amazing experience at Aigua Blava hotel. Beautiful location, comfortable rooms, excellent service. The laundry staff cleaned a spot off of the outfit I was wearing to a wedding, and totally saved the day!! Por Michael Robinson

5 sobre 5 I don’t even have enough adjectives to describe this place and our experience. We booked our trip not knowing the area at all before we arrived and we could not believe our eyes - you drive all the way to this secluded cove to get to the hotel and we loved that it was away from the high rises and touristy areas. There were many amazing places to swim within walking distance, and you could even jump in the water just outside the hotel. The staff was so amazing and friendly. We were in room 5 which had a view of the little cove and some of the hotel and it was just beautiful. We sat on our terrace in the afternoons after a day in the ocean and I only wish we could have stayed longer!! Just amazing in every sense of the word. Thank you! Por Jacin Fitzgerald

4 sobre 5 Well worth stopping for a drink, even if not staying here. High end children friendly hotel with large pool, table tennis tables, badminton court etc. Large front terrace overlooking the water but for meals only. Another smaller terrace out the back overlooking the pool for drinks. Cocktails reasonably priced. Recommend visiting! Por Thomas Sutton

Hicimos una excursión por la Costa Brava y fuimos un poco demasiado lejos... se nos quitó las ganas de volver a Barcelona... así que decidimos quedarnos por... Por Marcus K.

Normalmente, los Paradores Nacionales se convierten en territorio vedado para los mortales como yo. Este caso no supone una excepción... o sí. El precio del... Por Javier M.

After returning from Spain to the US, I was giving Wes at Petrabax a detailed look back on a very enjoyable trip. When the Parador de Aiguablava came up, he... Por Eric B.


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